IP Protection

Intellectual property is one of

the most important assets for any business

We are well-aware of the rising concerns over the protection of intellectual property in recent years. The success of a project may very much depend on a patented design, and the last thing you want is someone pirating your product. That is why we take IP Protection very seriously. Omnidex has implemented a series of strict measures to safeguard you IP:

Data Confidentiality

When you choose Omnidex for your projects, you can be confident that your data and designs are safe with us. We keep all your data confidential and we do not share your information with any third-party entity other than under a strict NDA.

Omnidex IP Protection & data confidentiality

Screening of Sub-contractors

We have a rigorous screening process to ensure our sub-contractors are up to our standard and trust-worthy to work with. All the sub-contractors working with us have an excellent track record and we are constantly reviewing their performance.

Omnidex guarantee IP Protection and conduct supplier audit regularly
Supplier audit. We have undertaken over 100 factory audits.

In-house Engineering Department and Assembly Line

We have a team of in-house professionals to handle the engineering and supervise production in sub-contractor factories. When the components are ready, they can be assembled in our own facility. Our in-house engineers and personnel are carefully selected and follow a strict code of conduct.

Omnidex Machining equipments for castings
Assembly Line

Division of Production

To prevent piracy on our projects, we may split the production and employ separate sub-contractors for each component. Our sub-contractors will not receive the full design or the final product.

Omnidex IP Protection - Division of Production
Division of Production
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