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In recent years, electric vehicles (EV) are gradually gaining popularity all over the world. This new breed of cars is fundamentally different from conventional cars that runs on fossil fuel. They are more environment-friendly and don’t carry fuel around. Instead they rely on electric charging stations to ‘refuel’.

Electric cars are great transports, but they also bring about new challenges. According to our research, one of the biggest concerns of EV drivers is running out of power before reaching the charging station.

Imagine you forgot to charge your fancy electric car last night, and you run out of power in the middle of a highway. You can’t simply run to the nearest gas station and buy a can of gasoline. Most EV models don’t support swappable battery packs either. Your only option is to call the rescue company and have your EV-car carried to the closest charging station on a low loader (as towing on wheels may cause damage to the EV’s motor or inverter), which can be very costly and time-consuming, not to mention lifting an electric car onto a low loader is a troublesome job.

Many mobile rescue companies are looking for a practical EV rescue solution. Here at Omnidex, we believe we have the answer to the problem. Our R&D team has designed and developed a portable EV charging solution for Original ADS, which can be installed on standard rescue vehicles to charge any EV on the market.

Product Features :

Lightweight and portable EV charging solution

Dedicated generator attached to the rescue vehicle’s engine

Faster EV recovery process and lower rescue operation costs

230V pure sine wave AC output

Our charging system draws power from the rescue vehicle’s engine (with a second dedicated generator mounted to the engine) and convert it to a 230V pure sine wave AC. Its charging output is theoretically equivalent to a Level 2 charging station (actual output may vary depending on the EV model and power source). Our solution can greatly speed up the EV recovery process and lower rescue operation costs, bringing a lot of benefits to EV owners and towing services.

We are currently developing a new generator that will fit inside the tight engine housing of any typical rescue vehicle, and we plan to further upgrade the functionality of our charging system in the future.

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