Expel Compressed Air Filter

Expel contaminants like no other solutions on the market

Conventional air filtration system requires multiple components to lower compressed air temperature, dry the air and filter airborne contaminants. These systems often use particulate filters that need to be replace over time and can be difficult and costly to maintain. Original AVG have noticed the demand for a more efficient and self-serviceable single-unit air filtration system and brought the idea to us for further development.

The Expel Compressed Air Filtration System project is a great example of the full “Omnidex Journey”. We are responsible for every aspect of this project, from the design of filtration system, to the cosmetic elements and packaging.

Product Features:

Removes 99.9999% of all liquid water, oil and solid particulates down to 1 micron

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Cleanable and fully re-useable, can be fully disassembled for service and maintenance

Meets the ISO 12500 standard

After rigorous testing and proving of product concept, our R&D Department has come up with a game-changing design that is unlike any conventional filtration system. Our Expel filter is a cleanable and fully re-useable industrial air filter. It is easy to install, requires no external power supply, and can be fully disassembled for service and maintenance. You can simply open it, wash all the parts, reassemble and continue using it, and all parts are available to purchase separately, keeping maintenance cost down.

Expel Testing Laboratory
Expel Testing Laboratory
Expel Pressure Testing

The Expel Filtration System has 3 unique patent applications and it also meets the ISO 12500 standard. Our product removes 99.9999% of all liquid water, oil and solid particulates down to the size of 1 micron by directing the compressed air flow through the complex structures inside the filter. All the liquid and contaminates can then be drained from the bottom of the unit. We have also done thorough testing on the actual product to ensures no reduction in flow rate (in accordance to product rating) and minimal pressure drop (only 0.2 Bar / 2.9 Psi).

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The Expel filters come in a range of sizes (from mobile units to heavy duty industrial units) and are suitable for many applications, such as cleaning, actuating, painting or air blasting. The project has been a great success so far and our customer is planning to expand the product line in near future.

Industrial Manufacturing Product Design and Development_Expel Air Purifier_OmnidexCastings

Are you interested in starting a R&D project with us? We are eager to share our expertise in R&D and help you transform your concept into a working product. Feel free to contact our Sales Department anytime.

For more details on the Expel Filtration System, please visit https://originalavg.com/originals-products/expels/.

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