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Taking pills for medication may not seem like a big deal, and most people can endure a few days of medication. But this may not be the case for patients with dysphagia (which affects an estimated 8% of the world population) or chronic conditions who require long-term medication. Many people face cognitive, visual, motor, and swallowing limitations and taking tablets or capsules can be very difficult for them. They often need to open the capsule or crush the tablet (which is time consuming and may cause significant loss of active ingredients), and some patients simply don’t take their medicine as prescribed.

To address this problem, Liquitab Systems Limited came to us with the idea of a medication dispensing unit that converts solid pills and tablets into a flavoured liquid mixture, making them easier for dysphagia patients to consume.

Product Feactures:

Easy and safe to operate

A range of flavours to improve taste

Minimal loss of medication dosage

Disposable beakers to prevent cross contamination

The Omnidex R&D team took up the challenge of developing this product and did extensive research and testing on the product concept and business model. The result is the compact and affordable myLiquidtab Homecare Unit which uses ultrasonic wave to break down medication pills and tablets. We’ve designed the product for both the use in home and in clinical settings. It is easy and safe to operate, with minimal loss of medication dosage in the preparation process. It also features disposable beakers to prevent cross contamination and offers a range of flavours to be added into the mixture. These consumables add to the convenience of the users, while also provide a continuous income for the business. The actual product is tested numerous times in our testing lab to ensure reliability and compliance to medical standards.

Since its launch, our product has been adopted by many hospitals and elderly care homes around the world. We are more than proud of this product as we believe it can vastly improve the well-being of elderly with long-term medication needs. The dysphagia population seldom gets the attention they deserve, and even fewer willing to address the problems they face. We promise to continue our efforts in finding solutions to improve the lives of others, and we encourage you to do the same too.

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