Surface Treatment Tests

Our testing methods are much more than scratching the surface of a product

Surface finishing and treatment is another important aspect in quality control. Our QC team is proficient in a range of specialized testing methods in this category.

Pros and Cons of sand casting:

  • Adhesion Test

Adhesion testing is used to determine if the coating can properly adhere to the substrate. This category includes several test methods, including cross-cut test, scrape adhesion test, pull-off test, and others.

Paint adhesion testing
Paint adhesion testing
  • UV Test

UV Weathering Test Machines can simulate the effect of sunlight and weather on products. This method allows us to effectively assess weather resistance of products and lifespan of color coatings. 

Handheld LED UV Black light Lamps to find crack on steel tube
Handheld LED UV Black light Lamps to find crack on steel tube
  • Salt Spray Test

The Salt Spray Test is a corrosion test used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. It has gained a lot of popularity in the manufacturing industry due to repeatability, low cost and quick results. It should be noted that Salt Spray Test results generally do not correlate with the real-world performance of a product. It is instead used as a method to detect problems in coating pre-treatment or paint quality.

Salt Spray Test Machine
Salt Spray Test Machine
  • Color Comparison Test (light box & Panton color book)

For products with stringent color requirements, we may offer a Color Comparison Test that follows the Pantone color matching system. We make use of professional color check light boxes and Pantone color books to ensure the color on your product matches exactly with your requirement.

Color control with spectrophotometer
Color control with spectrophotometer
  • Chemical Resistance Test

Certain chemicals may cause discoloration, change of texture, swelling, blistering or flaking of coatings. Chemical Resistance Tests can help us identify coating problems and make the necessary changes on our finishing processes. A common example in this category is Alcohol Rubber abrasion Tester.

Chemical Resistance Coating
Chemical Resistance Coating
  • Coating thickness Test

We also utilize a range of specialized Coating Thickness Gauge to measure the thickness of anodizing, electroplating, spray paint and powder coatings. These dual-purpose Thickness Gauges can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates.

Coating Thickness Gauge
Coating Thickness Gauge
  • Ultrasonic Detector

Ultrasonic testing is a widely adopted by the metallurgy industry to detect Hidden defects in a product. Our QC specialists are familiar with the use of digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector to identify casting porosity or other quality issues in all kinds of substrates.

Ultrasonic Test
Ultrasonic Test

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