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Omnidex is a British owned company that provides Engineering and Manufacturing solutions to clients all around the world. With over 18 years of experience in the field, we are confident in our expertise on product design and engineering, manufacturing, component sourcing, product assembly and quality control.

Our Expertise

Engineering and Manufacturing solutions

Professional engineering is at the core of our operation. We have an in-house engineering team consisting of over 40 professional engineers. We can help you bring your ideas into reality and come up with the most efficient and cost-effective production plan.

Omnidex Manufacturing and engineering design

Project Management

We have a dedicated Project Management Team responsible of following every current project and communicate with our clients and external suppliers. That means you don’t need to tediously contact each party on your own. We will take care of the routine and report back to you.

Omnidex Project Management Team

Quality Control

Omnidex has been ISO 9001 certified for more than 11 years. We have a series of Quality Control measures to ensure everything is up to the highest standards. Throughout the production processes, our QC specialists in our own facilities and external factories are constantly checking everything to ensure the quality of the products. Learn more about our Quality Control here .

Omnidex manufacturing and engineeringQuality control with ISO 9001

Manufacturing and Sourcing

Omnidex provides an impressive 73 different manufacturing processes to our clients. We have a deep understanding of each process and we are proud of our craftsmanship in the making of a product. We also have intimate connections to an extensive network of factories and suppliers, which allow us to effectively source materials and components for any project.

Omnidex Manufacturing and Sourcing

Logistics and Shipping

We are very familiar with the logistics challenges that comes with mass-production or over-sized component. Our in-house logistics experts work closely with external logistics service providers to help you deliver your products to any destination in the world.

Logistics and Shipping

Prototyping and Small-Run Production

Finding the right place for prototyping and small-run production can be difficult. We have worked with many innovators and start-ups and we understand your needs and concerns. We also offer small-volume solutions tailored for your project.

Omnidex Casting services Prototyping and Small-Run Production


The Omnidex R&D department has a successful track record of several ingenious products, designed to tackle imminent real-world problems (such as our mobile electric car charger and industrial air filters). Check out our innovations in our R&D Portfolio.

The Omnidex Guarantee

We are always ready to help with your latest project.

Contact our Customer Service and let us know how we can help to catapult your next project to success.

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