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Are you looking for a manufacturer that can provide professional metal casting services for your project?

Omnidex CN offers various metal casting processes and brings many advantages to our customers. With 19+ years of experience in metal casting, we are committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive casting solutions.

Types of casting:

We also offer other specialized casting processes beyond these categories. Please contact our Sales Department for more information.

Metal Casting Process

Metal casting processes can be divided into two main branches:

Due to the ejection process, the mold can produce only one metal casting. With expandable molds, complex geometries can be achieved. Generally, binders, like plaster, sand, or similar materials, help mold materials retain their form.

Despite the fact that this type of mold can produce many castings (because it has sections that are able to open and close), its shapes are limited. This type of mold is usually made of metal or some other refractory material.

Sand, plaster, and ceramics are used in the making of expandable molds that can withstand high temperatures. In permanent molds, metals retain their strength even at high temperatures, are reusable multiple times, and can withstand many operations.

We specialise in:
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Metal casting processes are available in a variety of types. Selecting the right type for your project depends on:

Casting Defects and Remedies

The process of casting metal is complex in foundries. The castings are tested for quality assurance using a variety of methods. Potential casting defects can be identified using these inspection methods. As with other manufacturing processes, whether it’s investment casting, sand casting or other metal casting methods, it is susceptible to various types of defects. It is undesirable to have casting defects during the manufacturing process of metal castings. Defects can occur in several forms, such as surface defects, inclusion defects, molding and pouring defects, and cooling defects.

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Ultrasonic Test
industrial manufacturing engineering services and quality control_Ultrasonic-test_defect-free-metal-casting-services_OmnidexCN
Porosity Stimulation

Here, at Omnidex, we offer or customise casting inspection methods that are in place to ensure any hidden defects are identified during the manufacturing process. To understand more about common casting defects, including surface defects, inclusion defects, cooling defects, prevention methods and how we can help you with your projects, you may click HERE and contact us directly.

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Limitless Manufacturing Solutions

Designs, materials, manufacturing processes, surface finishing & markings are available in a diverse range.

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Omnidex is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment and measurement instruments.

Quality Commitment

Our quality system is consistently controlled, which allows us to maintain quality with all our systems, methods, materials, and processes.

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