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Your every project with Omnidex is a journey to success

Omnidex provides a full range of industrial manufacturing and engineering solutions to customers with different needs. We strive to deliver the highest quality at the most competitive prices. This is achieved by having our operations based in Guangdong, China close to our sub-contractors and employing experienced multi-lingual staff to follow every project.

The Omnidex Journey

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Your project with us goes through the “Omnidex Journey” with full support from our dedicated teams of experts.
Many of our customers prefer the full Omnidex experience on an agreed finished product price (Ex-Works, FOB or delivered). But if you require only some of our expertise, we can also offer alternative project routes for you. Some common examples are:

Sourcing, supplying and shipping product based on client’s designs

Commission for sourcing, supplying and shipping for large quantity and repeating orders.

Sourcing of a certain product or component

Quality control services for external production

Product development and prototyping programs

Industrial Manufacturing set-up and management services

industrial manufacturing and engineering solutions | OmnidexCN

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The Omnidex Guarantee

No ‘ifs’. No ‘buts

Omnidex offers all customers a straightforward money-back guarantee. We promise to fulfil the Quality Objectives we agreed upon and manufacture every product up to your expectation. For any reason, should we fail to meet the quality requirements that we promise, we will either replace the order or refund its full value – no ‘ifs’, no ‘buts’.

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Effective Communication is not just a motto for us
As an international company that follows British managerial practices, we have chosen English as our corporate language. Our multi-lingual communication and management systems are all in English or bilingual English/Chinese to ensure clear communication across the board.

Multi-lingual communication is imperative for any business nowadays. We need to be able to negotiate with local sub-contractors and connect with our customers in the global market. That is why 85% of our staff are bilingual; and 47% are trilingual; some of our language experts can even speak four to five languages and dialects.


Our Dedicated International Manufacturing Project Management Team

Industrial Manufacturing and Engineering Solutions

closely follows every project and is responsible for providing the most updated information on every aspect of an order. Each week we produce an easy to understand timeline report so you know exactly how your project is doing and when you can expect delivery for your order.

We believe effective communication puts everyone on the same page, and you can be assured that there will be no confusion on any of your projects with Omnidex.

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Planning is absolutely essential

Communication translates into Quality

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IP Protection

Intellectual property is one of the most important assets for any business
We are well-aware of the rising concerns over the protection of intellectual property in recent years. The success of a project may very much depend on a patented design, and the last thing you want is someone pirating your product. That is why we take IP Protection very seriously. Omnidex has implemented a series of strict measures to safeguard you IP:

Data Confidentiality

When you choose Omnidex for your projects, you can be confident that your data and designs are safe with us. We keep all your data confidential and we do not share your information with any third-party entity other than under a strict NDA.
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Screening of Manufacturing Subcontractors

We have a rigorous screening process to ensure our sub-contractors are up to our standard and trust-worthy to work with. All the sub-contractors working with us have an excellent track record and we are constantly reviewing their performance.

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In-house Engineering Department and Assembly Line

We have a team of in-house professionals to handle the engineering and supervise production in sub-contractor factories. When the components are ready, they can be assembled in our own facility. Our in-house engineers and personnel are carefully selected and follow a strict code of conduct.

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Division of Production

To prevent piracy on our projects, we may split the production and employ separate sub-contractors for each component. Our sub-contractors will not receive the full design or the final product.

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Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and it is our obligation to protect your rights

We are well-aware of the responsibility of protecting your information. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, how we may use them, and how you can take control of your information.

We handle a variety of information and data from our customers, including (but not limited to):
All the information mentioned above is collected for the use of your project only. We collect only the necessary information and data for our service and production processes, and everything is kept confidential in your account.

With your consent, we may use your product, brand name or other non-confidential information for promotion purposes.

Please note that we do not share our customer’s information with any third-party entity other than under a bilingual NDA. You also have full control of your information and data collected by us. We can remove your information from our database upon request.

This Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by the Omnidex Group. You will be notified if the confidentiality of your information is in anyway compromised, or if there is any change to this Privacy Policy.

If you require industrial manufacturing and engineering solutions, our team is ready to assist you.

Contact our Customer Service and let us know how we can help to catapult your next project to success.

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