Industrial Manufacturing Services | Product Design and Developement Services

We are constantly expanding the frontier of industrial research and developement

At Omnidex, we value innovation and creativity, especially when it comes to manufacturing product design and development, for which we have a dedicated R&D department to provide our clients with the best industrial manufacturing solutions and services available. We have talented engineers ready to explore new possibilities. We believe there is always a better solution to any technical problem, and we never ever give up. There are always more opportunities over the horizon, waiting to be explored.

The Omnidex R&D Team has a variety of on-going projects, spanning across different industries and disciplines. We also offer industrial research and development services to customers who want to transform their brief ideas into functional products.

Industrial Manufacturing Services | Product Design and Developement Services

A showcase of successful Industrial research and development projects:

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As a veteran in the engineering and manufacturing industry, Omnidex is experienced in 70+ manufacturing processes. Unlike some other manufacturing service providers out there whose R&D is limited by their manufacturing capabilities, we do not design products around preferable manufacturing processes. Instead, we aim at an optimal design and product development that will yield the best performance and manufacturing cost for your product.

Industrial Manufacturing Services

In addition to offering comprehensive solutions, Omnidex caters to a wide variety of customer requirements. Our company and manufacturing and engineering experts continuously evolve and adapt to meet the different needs of every customer. Our global presence enables us to develop and deliver custom solutions for your business while extending you the cost-saving benefits of global tooling, procurement, and manufacturing. 

The following list highlights our main manufacturing processes. We are happy to assist you directly if you are unable to find what you are looking for. CLICK HERE to contact us.

Industrial Manufacturing Services | Product Design and Developement Services

Omnidex Industrial Manufacturing Products Catalogue

Omnidex’s portfolio includes products that we developed from concept to production as well as products we manufacture. Our products in our portfolio are only a sample of our work to showcase our capabilities, whereas Omnidex products can be found all over the world.

Confidentiality and IP Protection are major concerns when it comes to R&D projects. Omnidex takes every project very seriously. All information and data related to your project are kept confidential under your account as stated in our Privacy Policy. Your product is also backed by our full IP Protection scheme, so you don’t need to worry about copycats.

Are you looking for engineering experts to assist with the product development of your next invention? Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our one-stop industrial manufacturing services, including comprehensive research and development, best-in-class product design and development services, metal casting services, and more. We are eager to hear your ideas and explore all possibilities with you.

We are always ready to help with your latest engineering and manufacturing project.

Contact our Customer Service and let us know how we can help to catapult your next project to success.

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