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Plastics are the most common material used for end-use parts and products, ranging from consumer goods to medical devices. There are thousands of polymer options in the plastics category, each with its own mechanical properties.

Materials such as plastics can be formed and shaped in a variety of ways, making them extremely versatile. Plastic parts are manufactured in a variety of different ways depending on the material, the geometry, the tolerances, and the volume of the parts. Additionally, design flexibility is crucial since tooling for certain processes, including extrusion and injection molding, is expensive, and changes to designs can be costly.

Plastic products are manufactured from a wide variety of materials and processes. Our experts can help you determine which manufacturing process is most suitable for your application. Contact us HERE for more information. 

Our expertise in manufacturing is not limited to just metalwork. We are equally experienced in plastic fabrication, with a wide range of solutions suitable for all kinds of production projects. We partner with specialized plastic and rubber suppliers in our region to provide plastic products made with the following processes:

Injection Molding

Injection molding is typically used to produce plastic parts with thin walls, consistent wall thicknesses, and an appropriate draft. A major consideration for injection molding is the need for expensive tooling that corresponds to a specific polymer. In the case of material or geometry changes, this limits the design flexibility.

Modern molding machine with robot
Modern molding machine with robot
Dual-material injection molding
Dual-material injection molding
Dual-material injection with semi-transparent
Dual-material injection with semi-transparent

Blow Molding

Blow molding is used to manufacture hollow plastic parts. A blow mold can be extruded, injected, or stretched by injection. All of these can be used to make general production sizes ranging from 4 oz to 2.5 gallon containers. If the product specifications of some customers are, however, beyond the range of our general production sizes, then this is an appropriate time to apply for a customized mold.

Blow molding machine with molds_Plastic Fabrication_Metal Fabrication
Blow molding machine with molds
Blow molded bottles
Automatic Pet Plastic Blow Molding Machine_Plastic Fabrication Solutions
Automatic Pet Plastic Blow Molding Machine

Blow Molding vs Injection Molding: What’s the Difference?

Plastic Extrusion

With plastic extrusion, you can produce long profiles with a consistent cross-section. Therefore, requiring only two-dimensional specifications the process can generate high-quality products quickly. Several thermoplastics can be extruded and then finished with coiling, cutting, notching, or punching, etc. It may seem simple, but the plastic extrusion process is used to create complex such as medical tubing.

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Plastic Granules on Extrude Machine
Plastic extrusion profile_plastic fabrication_metal fabrication services_Omnidex
Plastic extrusion profile

Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming

Vacuum and thermoforming involve heating a thermoplastic sheet and, following that, applying vacuum pressure to pull the sheet over or into a mold. Compared with other processes, thermoforming and vacuum forming has the advantage of a lower tooling cost and a faster turnaround time. It can be a cost-effective way to prototype, conduct research and development, and also be used for long-term volume manufacturing, depending on the product.

Vacuum Hose Barb_CNC Machining Services_manufacturing and engineering services_Omnidex
Vacuum Hose Barb
Vacuum Actuator Arm_CNC Machining Services_manufacturing and engineering services_Omnidex
Vacuum Actuator Arm
OmnidexCN offers plastic fabrication services as part of our manufacturing capabilities such as Vacuum, thermoforming, injection moulding, tooling...
Plastic Vacuum Forming Part

Rotational Molding (rotomolding / rotocasting)

Thermoplastic rotational molding is used for creating hollow plastic components with low stress. The technique works by adding plastic powder resin to a hollow mold, which is then baked on a bi-axis machine until the powder has melted. Once the resin has coated the inside of the mold, the part can be removed once it has cooled. A variety of parts can be made using this process, depending on their size, shape, and complexity. It is most suitable for low to medium-run quantities, but it is economically viable for many types of projects.


Tooling design plays a crucial role in the development of plastic injection moulding products. Our Omnidex Experts support our customers with design in both complex and standard mold tools.

One-stop Plastic Manufacturing Solutions

With more than 19+ years of experience in blow molding, Omnidex CN manufactures a comprehensive range of blow-molded products. With our complete blow molding services, we offer from start to finish plastic molding. From initial design to finished blow molded product, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art equipment and expert engineers. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality and the best customer service in the blow molding industry is of utmost importance to us.

We can also provide other plastic fabrication processes at your request. The possibilities here are endless. Feel free to contact our Sales Department and tell us what kind of solution you are looking for. You may also find more information about our expertise in other manufacturing processes on this website.

We are always ready to help you with your latest project.

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