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As an ISO 9001 registered company, the first line of our core values is “nothing less than ecstatic customers”. We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs, meeting their every requirement and striving to exceed their expectations.

Our reputation as an engineering and manufacturing company stems from our persistence in maintaining quality and customer satisfaction across the board. In this section, you may learn more about our Quality Assurance system and Quality Control processes.

Why is Quality Management important for your project?

Quality Management is essential in every production project. The last thing you want is finding defects in your products, which may lead to financial losses, damage to your company’s reputation or even legal actions against your operation.

As experts in manufacturing, we have a series of tried and tested Quality Management procedures to prevent quality issues and provide remedies to any potential problems you may face in a project cycle. No matter what you may encounter on your journey, we will always have your back.

A quality assurance system based on ISO 9001

Our total commitment to quality is demonstrated throughout our manufacturing processes. The Omnidex QA system encompasses every aspect of a project. Every component of the system is meticulously designed to prevent quality issues and improve our performance to the greatest extent.

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Processes & Product Inspection Services

Your every project with Omnidex will have its own QA and QC plan, detailing the manufacturing procedures and QC specifications for the product. Our QA process can be divided into the following stages:

A dedicated task force consists of professional engineers, project management and QC specialists will come together and set the Quality Objectives and QC specifications for the project. All details on the project are documented for future references.

We always carry out a pre-order evaluation on new suppliers to ensure they can meet our quality standard. We may also conduct further evaluation on current suppliers if the product to be manufactured is not covered by previous evaluation.

Production set-up for every project is a coordinated effort by our Production and QA departments. They are responsible for supervising the production line and prevent potential quality issues down the line. Properties and geometry of initial production samples are measured against the given Quality Specifications, then the necessary adjustments can be made accordingly.

During Production QC Inspections are carried out between manufacturing processes to ensure there are no defects in our parts and components. Changes to the manufacturing processes can be quickly made to mitigate further losses. These inspections are especially important when it comes to more complex projects with multiple components and production processes.

Depending on your requirements, we may carry out on-site QC inspections to monitor product quality throughout the production cycle. These measures are crucial in maintaining quality consistency and keeping our sub-contractors accountable for the results.

After the final product has been manufactured, we will carry out the final QC sampling. Our QC team will inspect a sample quantity or the complete production of the finished product depending on your requirements.

Technology-based Quality Assurance

The advancement in technology has enabled us to easily evaluate our manufacturing processes. We can take advantage of simulation and testing software to detect potential problems ahead of production and improve upon our operation. The following are some of the software we use:

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Manufacturing Quality Control Processes & Tools

- ISO 9001 accreditation

Our QC processes evolve around the 5 QCPs (Quality Control Perspectives): Regulatory, Durability, Safety, Functionality and Cosmetics. Each project will have its own set of Quality Specification produced with specific QCPs and the customer’s requirement in mind. The Specification may be approved by the client before a QC plan can be devised. Projects may have varying sampling size and quality standard, depending on the criteria of a project (such as production volume, value and complexity of the product).

We rely on a range of QC inspection measures to identify defects in the products we produced, including the following:

Flexible Plan for Quality Control in Manufacutirng

Adhering to quality control in manufacturing, we are able to carry out QC services in an in-house or external (often in sub-contracting factories) environment. Our close connection and proximity with sub-contractors allow us to closely monitor every production process, ensuring the best result for your project.

A Standard QC Plan is usually included in every project, but you can always customize your QC plan to meet your needs (such as an Enlarged QC Plan with more stringent QC specification, or a Total Inspection Plan that covers all units in a production run). We also offer QC for external projects and other special QC services upon request. Contact our Sales Department to find out more on our QA and QC solutions. You can also learn more about Omnidex and our operation in other pages.

We are always ready to help with your latest project.

Contact our Customer Service and let us know how we can help to catapult your next project to success.

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