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Omnidex sheet metal assembly possesses a versatile in-house assembly line that is composed of experienced workers and qualified engineers. Our facility can handle a wide range of products, from delicate electronics to gigantic industrial equipment, there is really no limit in what we can do.

Our assembly factory is an invaluable part of our operation. This is where all the parts made by our sub-contractors come together and turn into the final product. It also serves as a part of our IP protection mechanism.

Types of Metal Assembly Solutions

In manufacturing, there are several types of metal assembly. The most common types are:
By fusing two or more parts together, you can create a single part. When it comes to creating assemblies that are permanent, structural, and require a lot of strength, this method is ideal.
A wide variety of fasteners, including nuts, screws, bolts, and more, are used in the assembly and joining of parts. Mechanical assemblies are an excellent choice for assemblies that may require routine maintenance, adjustments, or adjustments.
Riveting is similar to welding. However, it is less expensive and does not provide as much strength as welding. Assemblies and parts needing shear strength can benefit from this type of metal assembly. In processes that use components and parts that encounter unstable pressures or temperatures, riveting is often used.

In this case, a filler metal is melted and used to bond two metal pieces together. Electronic parts, plumbing pipes, gutters, flashing, and jewellery can be assembled using this method.

Assembling metal parts depends on an array of factors, including cost, whether a permanent solution is needed, types of metal, application, and more. Additionally, the product’s durability and strength play a huge role on the type of assembly method that will be chosen.
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Metal Parts Assembly Line

Guaranteed-quality Assembly parts

Our assembly line systems include three primary elements to ensure our products meet your expectations:

Our facilities in the United Kingdom, China, and Vietnam can bulk pack assembly parts onto pallets or stillages. As an alternative, we can label, pack, and distribute your products according to your instructions. 

The Omnidex Engineering team can provide you with a complete product service, covering all aspects of the concept, design, manufacture, assembly, packaging, and distribution.

Our Metal Assembly Capabilities

In addition to sheet metal fabrication and assembly services, Omnidex offers other industrial manufacturing services. With nearly all types of metal assembly to meet your unique needs, our experts are here to help. By using the best tools and processes, we can produce precise and highly durable parts that are free from defects. From design, prototyping to production, Omnidex remains your trusted partner for all metal assembly projects. Request a free quote today.

Other Industrial Manufacturing Services

Are you looking for an assembly solution for your product?

 Contact us to learn more about our assembly services. You can also read more about our manufacturing capabilities and services.

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